All those summer parties

from by Evripidis and his Tragedies



All those summer parties that we used to share,
I can hardly recall a thing,
that surely means that I was there
dancing and kissing ,
you don´t know what you`ve been missing.
All those summer parties that we shared,
no-one could make them fade away.

With our fists in our pockets moving nervously,
with a spring in our step and our dancing shoes on,
we waited for this all winter long and nobody can stop us now!

Night is falling quickly, stars above our head
the sea-breeze cooling our faces,
noone dreams of going to bed
so give me more of those screwdrivers
and if I go and overdose
they´ll say it was for the sake of sex and drugs and rock n roll,
what a shame.

Killing time on the grass before the next concert begins,
my friends look pretty though slightly dazed,
they laugh at this stupid grin on my face
and then Jens comes on stage
and then the Lips come on stage
and then the Vampire come on stage
and my head explodes!

Let´s twist again like we did last summer,
clap and shout and shake it all out, it´s the time
to dance the night away.

All those summer parties
left you with an empty stare.
Eight am trembling with your shades on,
that surely means that you were there
dancing and kissing
and poor thing you´re already missing
all those summer parties
now let´s catch the bus before we colapse
and try not to miss our stop

...till next weekend!


from EL SPLIT DE RSD, released April 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Evripidis and his Tragedies Barcelona, Spain

Evripidis and his Tragedies is Evripidis Sabatis´ musical alter ego. Born in Athens and living in Barcelona, he plays and sings piano-based, highly melodic tunes where love, lust, and loss intertwine; summers are long and lazy; nights are haunting memories; childhood is naughty; memories are bittersweet; men are cruel; humor is black; and ghosts take the living for rides in cars. ... more

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