by Evripidis and his Tragedies



Two songs from a children´s record about transports featuring also: Mujeres, ZA!, Viva Ben-Hur & Me and the Bees.


released March 31, 2010

released 31 March 2010
All songs written by Evripidis Sabatis.
All songs arranged by Evripidis Sabatis. Some additional arrangements by the rest of musicians.
Recorded by Cristian Palleja. Mixed by Cristian Palleja.
Art direction and design by Albert Aromir.
Illustrations by Maria Corte.

Evripidis Sabatis: vocals, piano, hammond, bells.
Abel Puyol: sax.
Anie Arjona: backing vocals.
Cristina de Sola: violin.
Jaume Ribell: drums, percussion.
Marisol Simó: vocals.
Marc Ribera: backing vocals, musical saw.
Victor Antolin: bass, backing vocals.
Nuria Muntaner: backing vocals.



all rights reserved


Evripidis and his Tragedies Barcelona, Spain

Evripidis and his Tragedies is Evripidis Sabatis´ musical alter ego. Born in Athens and living in Barcelona, he plays and sings piano-based, highly melodic tunes where love, lust, and loss intertwine; summers are long and lazy; nights are haunting memories; childhood is naughty; memories are bittersweet; men are cruel; humor is black; and ghosts take the living for rides in cars. ... more

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Track Name: Motorbike
Won´t you take me for a ride
on that shabby old motorbike
and the city will change its face.
Won´t we cruise down the avenues,
won´t we run past the
people as they go to work?
They look grey and dull while we enjoy
two-wheeled freedom for a moment.

Won´t you take me for a ride
on that shabby old motorbike
and our story could change its pace.
You´d enjoy scaring me
jumping red lights and going full speed
I hope you do it for a purpose
so crystal clear, so that, I, pushed by fear
will grab you tighter and feel
how your heart beats for me.
So won´t we take ride?
Won´t we take a ride?
On that shabby old motorbike!

Won´t you take me for a ride
on that shabby old motorbike
so that holding you won´t be just a dream?
I´ll rest my face on your shoulder
and go slightly insane with the scent of your neck
while churches, bridges, parks parade by our side?
Why don´t we drive up the hill and seal our lovely ride with a kiss?
As the city lays right below our feet
I´ll give myself to you
I´ll give myself to you.

Daydreaming is free!
Track Name: Dreamboat
You´re my dreamboat and I want to sail
the seven seas with you
I want to see the world
I dream all day of all the things we´d do, of all those things we´d see
If only you were mine
You have opened a brand new horizon
(Right before my eyes)

You´re my dreamboat and I could ride
the rogue waves with you
I could laugh on the face of the Maelstrom
My petty troubles would seem so out of place If you were by my side
what could ever bother me?
But we´re stuck in this small town
(where everybody knows)
I love you
(and everybody suspects)
that you don´t
I wonder if my ship is ever coming in…

My friends are saying that you are so much more
Titanic than Loveboat
And that you´ll drag me down 8down down down down)
but all those evenings that we spend in my room
can always take me higher
Than wine, pot or glue
I´d die to sail with you to distant islands
(Or hit the sea bed)
Among fish and mermaids
(We´d lose our heads)
Oh what a happy shipwreck we could be (together)
just say you'll love me ( forever)
it's hard to be (just your friend)
when I yearn to cruise with (you to the end)
Oh my dreamboat
my dreamboy too!